HeadshotI’m Rosalyn, the founder and creator behind the custom cake designs here at Kāke. I love the kitchen. It’s my place of solitude, relaxation, and enjoyment.

My mother used to have a beautiful recipe book that was filled with colourful photos of cakes that, to me, were works of art. I recall being in awe of how such a rudimentary shaped dessert could be transformed into a train, a person, a flower – the possibilities were endless! I still remember the time and effort my mom put into making me a swimming pool, a piano, or a teddy bear for my birthday – all out of edible deliciousness. God bless loving mothers!

I soon tried my own hand at decorating. The very first custom cake I ever made was chocolate, cut in the shape of a rainbow and pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day, and covered in royal icing. I was 12, and was so proud of my accomplishment.

Since then, I’ve worked on expanding my repertoire – completely self taught, I always love to try new things, new flavors, new fillings, new techniques. My first fondant cake came about for my wedding. Free tip! To keep one’s sanity, new bakers should not try to make their own fondant, or wedding cake, in the three days leading up to their wedding. :)

But that one wedding cake (see it here) started me rolling on a love-affair with custom cake design that has brought me to this point.rsz_maassaranynewborn-7

Now, I’m the mom. When I first started Kāke, our oldest was just starting to crawl. But now he’s a little man, and old enough to start getting excited about, and requesting what he wants for his birthday cake – and I’ll do for him, his younger brother, and baby sister, what my mother did for me.